Medical Case - Star Trek Into Darkness & Beyond


really? i need every time vector, so mostly i export the dxt file form autocad in adobe illustrator, to switch to correct color (only rgb red is cutting) and line in 0,1pt… otherwise he dont know that this is a cut


Thank you! I need to double-check the dimensions against the new reference material, but I’d be most appreciative.

The PDF is, in fact, a vector illustration, fully editable in Adobe Illustrator. I can export an alternate file format for you later tonight. (Also, the red line indicates the cut, the black line the engraving.)


EDIT: Checked my physical case again: unlike the picture on Amazon (which must default to the 17" version), the 14" case I ordered from Amazon DOES have the correct number of support struts on the handle and side panels. Beginning to wonder if the ruler being closer to the camera is messing with me, because it would make no sense for them to make an otherwise identical case less than in inch smaller.

Here’s that link to the correct model again:

Original Post:

This is an interesting point. Upon further inspection, the 14" amazon Artbin I posted a link to above is not only an inch too wide, it also has one too many support struts reinforcing the handle. Back to the drawing board. the 10.5" version is too small – so maybe this isn’t the Artbin Brand? Which is so strange, considering literally every other detail matches.


Here’s the original .ai file.

I haven’t yet had one cut, so I can’t fully attest to the accuracy of the fit, but it should be close. (1.5 MB)


so i got today the case … and i will start…

here you see
nearly 22 days does a parcel take (not air mail) to germany form usa :frowning:


Unfortunately it’s a little bit wrong with the line at The handle

Do you have another manufacturer of this case? Then that would be the Amtrak why this does not fit perfectly here


Here are some pictures what I mean


I appreciate your giving me the benefit of the doubt, but I’m sure its not being a perfect fit is a result of my manually drawing it from measurements rather than tracing. I’ll try to do an updated file at some point.


np problem, i will do it :wink: and post updates

so you dont made one yet for you, with a other case manufacturer?


I haven’t had time to tackle this yet but I’ll be at the shop this weekend working on the laser and i’ll try and slide it in.


use this file for the logo


medical.stl (222.3 KB)


so it took long, and cost sooooooo much…

but i got mine now finished :slight_smile: