Medkit Mark I (early season)


Awesome thread, the progress recently is very exciting to see!






That looks fantastic.


It sure does!


Incredible! Sadly, I doubt I’ll be able to afford this when they’re made available.

Guess I’ll be sticking to scratch-building one for myself :yum: lol






Oh, this is very exciting!


Just to reaffirm: Ryan, I love hate you!




Wow, really nice job.


I keep going back to look how perfectly it fits together. This is what it’s all about for me - realising the implied sense you got from screen but making it real. It’s just wonderful.


Thanks, guys! I’m really happy with the progress we’ve made so far. I dropped it by Roddenberry on Monday afternoon and they were excited too. I’ll keep posting as things move along.


Wow, that turned out really nice. I look forward to seeing further updates.