My Square D Wiggy TOS Prop paintup


So I got one of these to paint. I won’t paint the area where the probes store. 12 degrees C today, chores done two small jobs and two days for the Bradley Nelsons.


this is a fun one… Banner Red, Hunter Green, and a really nice School Bus yellow…if you’re using rattle cans


This is a new one on me.


Painted below by @JoeB



Red, green?


the leads get painted red and green


Can’t remember why I did not paint that one lead green. That’s a nice meter, you’ve got Steve. The lead wires look in good shape and the lamp is clear. The first wiggy I bought had the wrong label and a yellowed lamp so this is what I did with it.





Well one is red, so the black gets green. I didn’t have a screen grab, just saw @JoeB post and I had one.


What is that you did with it?




It’s my take on a hypothetical TOS prop using period parts and the same design aesthetic.


And it’s perfect as such!


That is correct !


Anyone got a perfect screen cap? I’ll paint it tomorrow.


Yes this one is nice, eBay, cheap, I had my Dad’s one and the leads were melted in areas. He was an electrician, I saw it all my life.