New Display Option for Best Props


IKEA has a new 9" square acrylic display box that includes built-in LED lighting. The $30 box is a terrific way to display your top props and keep them dust-free.


Unlike most IKEA products, this one assembles in about 60 seconds and is wired and ready to light.


The end result is terrific – for any prop under 9" tall or 9" long.






That’s a nice looking dust free display box, all it needs is a sound chip to play a choir of “Ahh’s” when you open it up!

Thanks for sharing the find here.


Thanks Dave that looks Great…


Back out some more, I think I have the feel, but I’m not sure.


Wow! Thanks for the heads up. I see myself needing a few of these!


Here’s a better view of the whole thing (with the lights on the bottom panel turned OFF)


Oh yeah, those are really nice.


Top is very easy to remove. So you can change out your display to suit your whims.


Awesome find, and so readily available! Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:


Fancy! I love it. Thanks for sharing this, @dave.


We got a IKEA in the Indianapolis area recently, which is like the heavens parting and joyous design descending on central Indiana. But even if you don’t have an IKEA, I think you can order it online and have it shipped to you. The little sucker is HEAVY. The acrylic panels are very thick and sturdy.


Here’s a link to the item on IKEA:

It currently shows up as unavailable for shipping, but hopefully that’ll change soon.


That looks great! I’m always looking for nice display cases for props or my models so this is really cool! Thank you for letting us know about these!


We have an IKEA in town, I’ll have to check this out! Thanks for sharing Dave :slight_smile:


I spoke to my local ikea … not sure if it’s for everyone but they discontinued this some time ago


Bummer. I guess I won’t bother driving out to the local IKEA to look for them.


The local stores may still carry them - mine still has a lot even though they’re discontinued. You can check stock by selecting your store on the right side of this page:


Thanks for the info. I just checked and unfortunately, the boxes are not available at the IKEA in my town.


I’m headed to my local Ikea this weekend, and according to the website it still has a lot of these in stock. If anyone here is still wanting these and can’t find them locally, should I start up a cost shares thread? Cost plus shipping. They won’t be the cheapest things to ship but it looks like one will fit in a medium USPS flat rate box, and two in a large.


I think that’s a great idea !