New Garage Toy


So by the end of the year I will probably be losing the machinist I have been using for many years.
He is a very talented man and was integrel in the developement of many of my favorite props.
He has been a one man operation all the years I have known him and I think he is just burnt out
and needs to move on to other things.
The few small shops in my area have closed so I decided if I still want access to milled parts I
need to take matters into my own hands. After talking to a few good friends about what garage mills are available and what options are the best I decided on the Tormach 770.
I found a killer deal on Craigslist. Turns out a trade school in Costa Mesa was closing and had donated my mill to a local Maker shop that did not need it so they decided to sell it.
The mill is 7 years old but looks almost brand new. Since it was a trade school I doubt it ever got used on metal if used at all. It just has sawdust on it probably from when they were testing programs they had worked on.
The only rub is I am a bit software illiterate, I really don’t know how to program.
Tormach has proprietary software that is supposedly idiot proof and a good friend local to me has
assured me that he can get me going really quick, we’ll see.
No matter how this turns out I look forward to the adventure, wish me luck.
Here is a pic of my new toy at home in my garage.


Wow, that’s great! Good luck in learning the software programming for it.


Nice machine, Gary. Good luck with it.


Hope you can do it Gary. Good luck.


Once you’re up and running, I envision lots of cool props on the horizon!


I’m so excited for you, Gary. Let me know when it’s up and running so I can come play with it. :wink:


Does this mean you will be finishing the Catspaw project yourself ?


Congrats Gary.
Great find.


Thanks for the kind words guys, I’m looking forward to the learning curve.
Your welcome to use it at any time Ryan, just say the word.


Wow! Congratulations, she’s gorgeous…what’s her name?


I haven’t named her yet, anybody have some suggestions?


Now that is a cool toy. Can’t wait to see what you do with it!


Stella, lol.


Enterprise…natch !


A few I am considering are M5 and B9.


How about “Sally”, dress her up with one of these panels. (click photo for full effect)




Super cool toy! Stay safe and have fun learning to use it. I can’t wait to see all of the neat projects you’ll do with it.


That’s a great idea Sharon.
Unfortunately I tried watching 2001 twice and fell asleep both times so I
don’t really “feel” the connection if ya know what I mean.
Patrick, I already have a Nomad but that was also a good idea.


SAL 9000 is from 2010, that one didn’t put people to sleep did it. Was just thinking one of the panels would fit nicely on the front tool cover.

Another name idea “Jeannie” because of all the magic she’ll do at your command.

Have fun let us know what you decide.