New Star Trek “all the time”


So CBS wants to make new Star Treks for All Access. Disney is doing a similar thing but not everyone is happy. If the stories are good and canon is adhered to, no problem but the reverse can happen and we have seen it, it’s called “Corporate Greed.”

Some may think I’m pessimistic but I believe I’m realistic. Xerox, the corporation I worked for the better part of my life could have been the richest corporation on Earth but they made big mistakes. Any corporation including Apple, the new trillion dollar corporation can fall.

Cautiously worried, what do You think?

New Star Trek “all the time”


CBS needs to proceed with respect to the wide Trek fan base.

The revolving door for the production team(s) and now talk of spin-off’s,Trek Shorts and New Trek series etc certainly makes it appear they still haven’t figured out what Star Trek fans are looking for - or have they?

Maybe CBS is hoping to stumble upon a qualifiable success in a Star Trek series. Many of us are still not onboard with CBS All Excess as a business model. It is extremely doubtful that CBS streaming service offers value per dollar for the masses. Could their subscription service even remotely be considered a success without Star Trek? As such CBS may be contemplating turning their stream only service into an exclusive Star Trek Channel to sustain their subscription based streaming service.

A subscription based Star Trek Channel could be worth a subscription if additional Trek series are added to reruns of all the past series. Surely many would like to see them add STC as one of the series (it actually feels canon). It’s possible CBS could even continue with production of STC if it’s not too late. Alternatively CBS could offer a new series in the same vane, using faithful reproductions of TOS sets and characters with stories/scripts like TOS and STC.

A series with Captain Pike and Spock on the Enterprise could be fun too but prefably not with modernized sets/updated Enterprise, etc. Keep the original look of TOS in one series please, STC sucessfully demonstrated that there is a fan base of all ages for this original look, sound and feel in a new/continuing series. Studios using the excuse that no one would watch the original look today is actually what is getting old.

If CBS core interests are rooted in corporate greed without delivering something of interest for each sector of our widespread Trek fan base then it is surely doomed to failure.

Cautiously worried as well but hoping CBS can pull a proverbial “Shore Leave” rabbit out of a hat.


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