New Terran Empire / mirror universe badges from Discovery 1x10 "Despite Yourself"


I’ll leave the actual description of the badges out of the thread title for now for spoiler reasons… when the episode’s been out a few weeks I’ll edit it :slight_smile:

One of the Discovery writers tweeted out this excellent image of the awesome new Terran Empire / mirror universe badges:

Too cool. They even have separate division colors as on the regular badges!

I hope QMx will do these at some point, but until then, anyone got an itchy 3d modeling finger? :smiling_imp: They would look great painted up in some tinted Molotow Liquid Chrome…

The glare on those two on the right makes me think the earth portion is an enameled pin…


Ok, I’m either having a moment, or I can’t see what planet those pins are supposed to represent.


Pangaea? :smile:


OK. So, it isn’t just me. Global warming? Too many nuclear winters?


The center of the red is the Atlantic ocean and the black the continents around it… just mirrored :slight_smile:


That’s not cannon, is it? I’m pretty sure the mirror universe still had continents in the same place. I hate it sometimes when artists get involved with science.


Could it just be that the image is reversed?


I’ll have to flip it but I like the idea and the stabbed upside down A too. :zombie:


Yep makes more sense now.


Yep. SA is kind of small which is what threw me off mirrored.


I agree the proportions are off.


no the frist image has the right view…

i think the prop maker make a mistake…
the world on the badge is change from right to left…

so as it like in a mirrow…

i made the last 2 days nothing else then do the dsc padd grafics and design and painted this logo, watched the episode 4 times to find all views of the logo…
and i really dont understand it…
for me a mistake…


The globe just looks funny because we’re totally ethnocentric and are used to seeing North America front and center, not off to the side and half out of view.


Not to get off topic, but is it just me or does the tray liner look like the material that can be used for the TOS wall comms?


Regarding the planet used in the emblem, the original image is correct. As, EWilliams mentioned, the emblem is centered on the Atlantic ocean and the planet is mirrored. This is inconsistent with what we saw in previous mirror universe episodes, but it is canon, since it appeared in Discovery. I think it’s safe to assume this was an intentional decision by the art department, not a mistake; they literally “mirrored” the planet.


Initially I just took it as a cute little visual pun / easter egg on the badges - similar to previous gags on PADDs and monitors in previous shows (MST3K robots on tricorder screens, haha). Got a chuckle out of me - a mirrored image for the Mirror Universe. Didn’t even catch when watching the episode that it was that way in the set decals and monitors too!

I’d still probably put that closer to a visual pun but if you wanted to come up with an in-universe heraldry type reason… Given we know the Terran Empire is entirely Earth-centric… There’s only one point of reference at which the earth’s continents would appear in that arrangement: if your perspective was from the center of the earth, looking out at the stars. Seems appropriate for them.


Thats deep- really “Deep”


I still haven’t watched the series yet (waiting until the whole season is viewable)… but from what I’ve heard, the Mirror Universe, plus the general idea of multiple universes is being incorporated into the show…does anyone think they might reveal this show to be in an alternate reality, and then bring it back to the established Prime universe by the end of the show?


I like it-


Ditto- What you said.