Non Trek - Jurassic Park Jeep 18


Upsetting to say the least … possibly confirmed by a friends friend who works at the park …


Why does the “March of Progress” always seems to trample so many?


Steven Spielberg began designing and constructing the ride before the movie was even in production. He was super involved with the ride … I believe even a contract was written to disallow tampering with the ride … it’s upsetting personally to see such a inconic attraction be striped from its heritage … while I love the new film it is unfitting to see an incomparable film take over. I guess this strikes me hard because with all my favorite attractions being closed such as the twilight Zone tower of terror at Disneyland … and T2 3D at universal … it’s been hard on me … maybe cause I haven’t been around long enough to experience them


Oh man, did not know how much we are losing- My wife and son are going to freak especially over the tower of terror, they are huge fans of it!


The only update I have for now is the unexpected reproduction of baby jeeps … like tribbles … :wink:



Am I crazy , yes … do I regret these purchases … no


How are you doing with your Furby investments? (:


Lol … good they are selling for 3x what I paid . So all in all it was a great investment


Thought I’d update … haven’t done much to the Jeep unfortunately the engine has began to degrade or become “ tired “ as mechanics call it . I also made this Ingen sign as seen in the lost world as well as the studio tour at universal studios … I will be attending the 25 anniversary festivities this Friday as well :crossed_fingers:for some guest actor appearances . I will post photos from that event as well :grinning:



Nice job on the sign. I saw that the Lost World RV will be there too and they’ve gotten pretty far on it’s restoration now as well.


Yep, I had the option to park my Jeep with 10 other vehicles and the RV, :cry: but SD to LA is a bit far for the condition of my engine. Never seen the RV in person so it will be fun to finally do so


I got stripes … stripes around my fenders :notes:


Still after a Ford Explorer too


This is my favorite non Trek thread on this board. Love it!


Thanks so much !




Oops forgot to share my trip to JP25 celebration at universal studios LA , here are some screen used props from the Jurassic franchise


And it’s confirmed by uni that the JP ride will be converted to a Jurassic world themed attraction


Hey, I know you’ve got the raincoat, but have you put together a costume to go with this? Like the drivers that meet them at the helicopter or the triceratops vet?