Non Trek - Jurassic Park Jeep 18


Funny you say that … I helped a guy out with photos shared on a original movie prop page . The original Jeep driver hats are actually red suede brimmed …he is going to be making them soon … as for the driver uniform … idk … maybe for comic con but I would for sure wear the hat !



Where is the Jurassic Park folding chair in the movie? :slight_smile:




Scrambling to get this jeep done by this Thursday the 21st, for the premiere of Jurassic World : fallen Kingdom , I will be parked in front of a local theatre



prep work and a coat of primer for the sand beige


My dad works at a lagoon and at the end of the summer season they liquidate all the equipment … looks like a fun project come fall !


Further work today in prep for the 21st


Looking good!


This is Amazing! JP is one of my all time favorite movies.


Bam !!!


As I said on the other page, really great job on this.

I thought I’d post this, because I though it was cool that he got his JP Explorer stuck in the mud and used his JP Jeep to winch it out…


My first event !