Non Trek project: Kermit the Frog puppet!


I probably love the Muppets—the Jim Henson era Muppets—as much as I love Star Trek! I set out to make my own Kermit the frog Puppet replica about a year ago, and ended up building several of him, making improvements along the way. I figure I’d share some pictures of him here!

He’s made primarily from Antron Fleece, like the originals—it has a nice sparkly look under certain angles and lighting. Completely hand stitched, but with a few glued parts, mainly around the mouthplate and areas around the hands and feet.


Hey, I’ve followed your work on this at the RPF! Really great, convincing job on these. :slight_smile:


Wow, thanks for sharing this in TFW, he looks great! More on RPF?

“It’s not easy being green” Kermit was always my favorite on Sesame Street. Really too old and had lost interest by the time the muppet show came around. Still have a fondness for Sesame Kermit.


I too admired your work on Kermit on the RPF and am glad to see you sharing here.
Just love this little guy.


Thanks! Looks like a lot of members use both the rpf and TFW haha! This is still one of the most fun ‘prop’ projects that I’ve embarked on!


Thanks! I initially posted a couple of build threads over on the RPF. The threads are more in depth—more progress photos, etc. And I also posted a few tutorial drawings for people interested in how to build one. I still remember from an early age watching Kermit from the Muppet show, but also Sesame Street as well :slight_smile: For me personally, there was always something about Kermit that made him so iconic.


Do you plan to do any other Muppet?


I’ve thought about doing another Muppet, but haven’t yet decided which one. There are so many great characters to make that it’s really hard to choose. Gonzo is definitely on the top of the list! He’d be fun to make as the structure of his head is mostly shaped foam, and would be a departure from Kermit, who’s a lot more like a ‘sock puppet’.


What about Robin?


I actually have already made a few Robins! He was a logical next step after Kermit, as both of them have a lot of similarities.

Here’s a pic of Uncle and Nephew together :smiley: Honestly, photographing the puppets is just as fun, or may more so, than actually making them!

One thing I still need to do for the puppet Kermits is to build some kind of stand that can be used inside to keep the heads up. Right now I’m just using some stuffing; a decent temporary solution, but it makes the neck area look more puffy than it normally would when a hand is in there.


That’s pretty cool stuff.


I’m sorry … but whenever I see Kermit I think of this …


Haha! I love The Orville too. It was quite a surprise when that little Kermit showed up.


Those look magnificent! How about Grover? I always liked him.


Thanks! I like Grover as well, and was able to see an original one at the same exhibit where I saw the Kermit—which I studied extensively to help make my builds as accurate as I could.

One cool thing about Grover is that his general shape and construction can be modified to build other similar characters like Elmo and Oscar the Grouch—all the them variations of the oval foam head.


Thanks for sharing this here @eclu123! This is absolutely stunning (and adorable) work.