Old Alpha Photo's I found


Again…whenever going through some old folders on my drive I come across some really cool pictures that I haven’t seen in a very long time. If I posted them already, I’m sorry. But these Alpha’s are just so too cool to ignore. !!!

Here are some of the weathered Alpha I built a few years back featuring ALL vintage parts except the antenna, midplate and screws.

Here is the weathered next to an idealized one.

Notice how the weathered comm uses a vintage number 4 (or is it 11) Edmond scientific pattern. The original pattern is completely different way way of appearance, with a lot more contrast between the top and bottom patterns. So if you own one of these, I would save it for one of your better builds because they’re hard to find.

I’ve been racking my brains trying to created what I believe a perfect communicator shell made entirely from a pencil box, trying to recreate some of the imperfections while at the same time keeping in what we see on screen as close as possible, and from screen shots and photo’s of course. Here is a picture of my second shell…which by the way I trashed in order to perfect it even more…But look at it now I think I would have just left it as is because it didn’t come out half bad, and made a pretty good communicator built up. but i swear guys, once I get the tricorder done…I’m back to to these shells and getting them perfected. The think is, I have so many damned mold, I have no idea which is the latest . and what to work from LOL.


Nice, thanks for sharing!


Beautiful stuff man, well done.


Good lord that is nice stuff! You know your s_ _ t mister!!


How sweet it is, thanks for posting the photos. Fabulous Work!


Very nicely done.SGT