Love these guys, looking to make one but would love ideas for materials to use!


What did they use ? Maribou feathers, crab claws, walnut shells, lychee husks. what ?
Sylvia and Korob were one of the weirdest alien creations on TOS


I’d love a replica of one of those little dudes! It was one of my favorite add on effects for the TOS blu rays. Love how it makes an appearance in DS9 too.


I thought I read somewhere a long time ago that some of the parts were in fact shrimp or crab parts. I’ve always thought they were cool looking too!


Oh! And make sure you can see the wires holding them up! (Pre-new effects version):smile:


Well I was thinking of having them proper up on a stand but maybe hanging them with fishing line would be better and more screen accurate lol