Overhead Bridge Displays


I’m trying to understand the way the overhead bridge displays were laid out for the show. Some had two screens and some had one. Which ones had two and which ones had one?

Several people have modeled the weapons subsystem station with 2 overhead screens, but in the Tholian Web, it has one. Is there a definitive source for this?


@tosgraphics might know.


Will Smith IS the definitive source (@tosgraphics)

He smart.


The navigation station had one large overhead display
The weapons station had one small overhead display
The defense station (this is a half station) had 1 small overhead display

Keep in mind that these two stations were interchangeable on set because they would remove them to film from these locations. Many, many times they were put back in the wrong place so half the time you have the weapon station next to Spocks station, the other half you have the navigation station next to it. I hope that helps!

I still have not forgotten about the other stuff you needed; just been busy!


Great! Thanks! This is exactly what I needed.


What episode was this shot from? There’s a person holding someone with a gauzy, spangled overlay to their costume. “Is there in truth no beauty?” seems possible.

The astrogator in the center console seems huge in this shot!

–Paul E Musselman


You are correct, it’s from “Is There in Truth . . .”


You know, for YEARS, up till maybe about 10 years ago, I thought that Ep. was called “Is there No Truth in Beauty”!


LOL, yes, sorry about the typo; it has been fixed. I shouldn’t type Saturday morning! Funny enough for years up until the 80’s I also thought it was “Is there no truth in Beauty”


Maybe it was more like 15 years ago that I figured out the actual episode name.:slight_smile:

I figured in your case Will, it was just a typo. It is actually harder to say the correct way…tough on the ears.