Paint Codes


Does anyone happen to know the current equivalent paint colors for the TNG Romulan PADD?

Based on a previous post for a Romulan Distruptor, I suspect the following:

  • Blue buttons: Tamiya X23 Clear Blue
  • Main body: PlastiKote 1006 equivalent?
  • Dark grey details: ?
  • Copper details: Any copper would do. I’d probably use Testor’s metallic copper.

Any help identifying the correct colors, particularly the main body grey colors, would be greatly appreciated!


I’m working on a couple more alien PADD kits that I’m hoping to find accurate paint colors for.

Ferengi PADD

Based on my research, there are 3 main colors that are used: main body, buttons, and the side accents.

The main body is the same color as the Ferengi tricorder, as seen in TNG’s “First Born.” I don’t have a source for the original color, but some replicas used Rustoleum Rich Caramel Metallic with pleasing results. Unfortunately, I can’t find that color any more (it was last available on amazon in late 2015). I’ve contacted Rustoleum to check on the availability of the color. In the meantime, I see they do have a “Vintage Copper,” which may be a suitable substitute as well.

The button colors varied a little bit. In most of the photos I’ve found they appear to be a dark bronze color. I found that Rustoleum Dark Bronze Metallic is a suitable equivalent for this variant. The original drawings show that they were marked as “slightly darker than body,” meaning the buttons were lighter than the more common bronze buttons. Some references I found on TPZ said that Dupli-Color “Orange Mist Metallic,” which is a common equivalent used for some Bajoran props, is a good match for the lighter variant.

The side accents appear to be a brushed on gold or copper color. These accents are more subtle, so it’s hard to make out in many screencaps. I suspect a Testors or Timaya gold paint would be suitable.

Any additional information or suggestions for accurate paint codes would be greatly appreciated!



I just heard back from Rustoleum. Their Metallic Rich Caramel sprays were discontinued in August 2015.


I haven’t painted a Ferengi prop, so I can’t recommend specific colors (apart from noting that “Orange Mist” is very orange) … but… I would focus on Dupli-color auto lacquer paint in your search for the body color - they’ve supplanted Plasti-kote (used on the original props) as the most widely available auto touch-up paint. You’ll get a much smoother finish out of their paint when compared to Rustoleum, and they have a wider range of colors. Try Pepboys to see the colors in person.


Thanks, I do tend to prefer using Dupli-color. I typically use their Perfect Match spray cans, but haven’t found a suitable copper color yet. I did find that they have a Burnt Copper Metal Specks paint, which doesn’t look like a match based on online photos, but I’ll try to check it out in a store.