Patrick Stewart : Picard Trek TV Show



make it so !!!



I am cautiously optimistic about this considering that is being made by the people behind Discovery. On the other hand, I am interested in seeing how Picard changed in the last 20 years or so.

I hope that the aesthetics of this new show will be a progression of what was seen in Nemesis instead of a visual re-boot/re-imagining. Hopefully, they bring in the Okudas and Drexler to aid in the production design. Only time will tell.


It would be nice to see Patrick Stewart recreate his role but concerned about canon issues as Discovery seems to continually break with continuity. Of course, including the Okudas and Dug Drexler would be paramount but I doubt that will happen.


People will be really upset when the show ends up more like “ Logan “ than the Orville … or traditional TNG . I’m cautiously optimistic


One big advantage in terms of continuity is that it will be set 20 years after nemesis. As Steward stated, it WILL be different and it will not meet everyones taste. I certainly don’t like every aspect of discovery. A lot of the story was awkward, but I believe there is a great potential for future seasons. I don’t know what to expect visually or in terms of story from the Picard series, but with Sir Patrik as lead there will be a deep moral core, as we would expect of Star Trek.


OMG, this was an amazing moment when he announced this at STLV!!!


Not interested in it.

Patrick Stewart said something to the effect that he was enticed to don the costume yet again because he will be able to shine light on the dark…to me this means he will be projecting his sociopolitical views into the episodes. I know he is anti Trump and while I am too (for the most part, I do think certain issues have been neglected for far too long and Trump has been the only person to raise them) I don’t care for a sci-fi show that will be the antithesis of Last Man Standing.

It’s sad really, no matter how many iterations of this franchise they come up with, I just can’t fully enjoy any of them. I really am relegated to watching old episodes.


Devil’s advocate: Trek has, from the beginning, been about contemporary politics.


In a broad sense, yes but I get the feeling this will be more focused and less ambiguous than it was either in the 1960’s or 1980’s. I am only guessing and it may be that it is done as masterfully as it was in earlier series but the way Patrick Stewart emphasized this and his outspoken nature, I don’t imagine it to be muted very much. Closer to giving him a talk show than revising his role as Jean Luc.


You might be right that a modern day Picard is less ambiguos than in the late 80’s, 90’s. But i believe this is due to the fact that you might currently take any number of Picard Quotes from TNG and they would hit spot on current politics and society.

“Order a man to hand over his child to the state? Not while I’m his captain.” Or the Satie speech in “The Drumhead”.

Not only in the USA grew the support for nationalist parties and a policy of compartmentalization. And while those parties indeed point out problems they won’t do anything against them, for they need that fear to gain support. The only good thing I can see in this development is that it serves as a wakeup call for everyone else.

#policy mode off# No offense meant Chronowerx, just my two cents.


I’m afraid I don’t understand the very last sentence. No offense taken though.

My expectations from a TV show now are not the same as in my youth, if anything, I am more open to sociopolitical innuendo in my 40’s than I would have been in my 20’s. That said, I don’t always agree with the opinions voiced by Hollywood (actors, producers, directors etc) and if it is framed within a show I’d otherwise want to watch, my only other choice is not to watch. I prefer not to read opinion pieces like those in the NY Times or New Yorker because invariably I may disagree with the author and unless I feel like emailing him/her (and I have) it often leaves me without closure, so to speak. I was introduced to someones opinion and thoughts but unable to rebuttal.

This is why I doubt I will watch the new Star Trek show. Of course this is conjecture, we won’t know anything until the show is further along in development. If it is not ship or space based, as was hinted at, I’m not sure it would hold my interest anyway, being the ship/space interaction is what attracted me to Star Trek…that and Leonard Nimoy’s Mr. Spock.

As they say, time will tell.


I always watch new Star Treks but I know that Les Moonves doesn’ know what Star Trek is. He is quoted as saying “some Star Trek series were terrible.” He also finds Star Trek and Star Wars to be the same animal. Because of that Star Trek could be slapped on any series.