Phaser 1966 Black & White Recreated with Laser


I use “Art Aslyum” Toy shells and value add my “art” to them (aka I avoid the copyright problems and replace all but the shell). This build was based on the images of a phaser from a 1996 auction. It included a three watt laser as requested by the client. I built two, it hardly takes more time to knock out two vrs. one. The extra was eventually sold to another collector. All the trims are metal. The flashlight nozzle version, aka the second build, had all the metal made by me at my shop. To get the right heft and stiffness I epoxy 5/32" diameter brass rods inside the shell wherever I can. I also use a big C360 copper alloy internal heat sink that adds a lot of weight. I’m going to post the “how to clean the shell pics” next. After that “battery access without a butt cap or any screws”.

Pictures: B&W 1966 Phaser with Laser
Video: B&W 1966 on YouTube


Nice but why would you worry about copyright to modify your phaser?


Looks very nice.



i love the season 1 phaser,im currently converting my wand phaser,but the 1 will never be correct due to the 2 buttons instead of the wheel,ill make a new dial


I filled in the rectangular hole with styrene the Apoxied the seam and sanded, then made the 1/2 moon into a push-button by belt sanding and adding die-cut styrene .040 buttons on-top. Last step is white paint and clear-coating. Still glows. email me you request and I’ll throw three in an envelope and mail-em.


thanks Jon-Paul,very kind of you) i really enjoyed the phaser video,particularly liked the red flashing light as well as the tip,great job as ever :slight_smile:


Your welcome. I’m headed to the Trek set in upstate NY May 13, 14, 15; RU



You didn’t sign up for the event, your not on the list. Please contact me if you want to attend the cost is $40.

Steve P.


Jon-Paul,id love nothing more than to get to visit some of the stuff over there going on! booo the UK !!


Flashing AA P1’s; wire a second clear (then sanded to diffuse) 3mm red LED in parallel to the LED terminals in the bottom of the P1. Use magnet wire. Hot melt the LED in between the clear dial and coin edge dial in the upper shell. (The little metal rectangles on the bottom of the P1 power the P2 LED) BAM; flashing power wheel and jewels.


Just tore-down and figured out how to make a Wand company TOS phaser into a Phaser Laser that keps all the sounds and allows the P! to retain it’s remote control ability.



The copyright on the art asylum box is for the artwork, not the phaser. Toys require patents, like these expired ones from the Star Trek Movies (expired 1995), make all you want. Patents last 14 years:


And these (remember the artwork/logos are copyrighted and/or trademarked so the “Fonts” can not be used but the phrase “star trek” is fair game as both are ordinary words, much like phaser is an ordinary word in the dictionary:


Just had yo build another B&W TOS Type II, 7.8 watt laser with sound FX. Diggin the new one arm display rod. The bending machine hates it but it looks awesome.Pictures: I do all the metal in-house now (and I mean in-house, the guest room in the villa my wife and I live in, Florida is too hot for garage work…LOL):


Some fonts are available from font foundries. The ‘official’ font for TOS was Microgramma, AKA Eurostyle.


Thank you for that.




Used a hero spinner nozzle and made a more accurate emitter tip to match Sotheby’s auction records as seen on the paper under sheet.


The auction phaser is a fake. It’s details and contours don’t match any known original, and the black and whites were all repainted in the gray scheme so there wouldn’t be any still in existence.

Nice work on the build though, as always.