Picard's Desk Crystal


Awesome shoutout, that is quite the resumé! Also, I didn’t realize so few were made. It feels even more special!


I think my crystal’s transporter pattern is stuck in the buffer :slight_smile: hasn’t quite arrived as of yet.


The isolinear card rack is next in line for the desk set!


Thanks for the info! :slight_smile:


My crystal found it’s forever home on my copy of ‘Shakespeare’s Complete Works.’ I think Captain Picard would approve.


Indeed sir!


Oh, good idea.

My crystal found its home on my desk at work:


Your desk is too neat. Don’t you get any work done? :confused:


Too busy gesticulating with my crystal during meetings to dirty up my desk!


HUGE thank you to Elvis (Eric_Ardros) for getting me this display stand for my Picard crystal. Since I don’t have a desk I can put it on, it’s part of my ‘nearly done’ Picard collection. The stand is gorgeous!!!


That stand compliments the desk crystal well.


Oh man, Elvis did a really cool job on that! I love how the chamfer sort of has facets like the crystal. Awesome work!


he really did a great job, it’s so freaking beautiful. like @DigiGal says - it really does compliment the crystal well.


Thanks, guys and gal! I’m very pleased with how the design of this turned out, and how it achieved it’s purpose of complimenting the crystal while not taking focus away from it :slight_smile:

That was exactly what we were going for when my go-to guy at work and I were designing this stand, lol. We wanted it to look similar to the crystal itself, not symmetrical like we did on the base for my Dark Crystal stand.


Received a desk crystal for Christmas (“Crysmas”?) and would you believe I actually use it as a paperweight?

My thanks to norbauer and all who were involved in the recreation of this iconic prop. Bravo!


Glad to be able to help bring this object into reality! Thanks so much for the kind words. :blush:


Picard’s desk crystal sounds plastic. Listen to the sound made at the 36:20 mark (pictured below) in Conundrum (S05 E14) when Picard tosses the crystal down on his desk. It really doesn’t sound like crystal or glass, does it?


It is absolutely plastic.

The Roddenberry replica was done in lead crystal as an idealization for practical and aesthetic reasons.