Picard's Ready Room Stargazer


I had no idea just how kitbashed that ship was. It shouldn’t really work for a Trek ship but you can’t argue with those results. Looks lovely!


You’re here for the struggle and We love it.


Primed it, yo.

Keeping the Bondo corporation afloat.


Man that looks fantastic. I like the ship so much better in that gray over the mustard.





Pretty slick Starship there. :rofl:


Are you going with the mustard finish? It does look so much better this way.


Grey all the way, man!


I didn’t know the bottom looked like that!


You don’t see it very much on the show. She’s modest.


We really can have the best of both worlds. @ProfKSergeev can do a grey version and then all his shared research can help someone else to make a mustard version!


@ProfKSergeev Fabulous Project, really enjoy seeing your updates as you are progressing.

It’s a thrill to follow a build thread along the way!


Really nice work man.


All buttoned up now with brass rods running through the necks, saucer, and aluminum armature. She’s a tough, plus-size ship.

Tomorrow: more primer, pre-shading, and the base coat.



Base coat


Oh man, where’s my popcorn!



Haha Scott, now you know how we feel when we watch your build threads.

Really exciting to follow along as this quickly comes together!


Looks amazing already!!!



Ooooh, nice stuff.