Picard's Ready Room Stargazer


Wow! I thought you were kidding when you said you were not going to paint it yellow. Fantastic job (even though I was looking forward to seeing it in all of its yellow glory).


I never kid, @tosgraphics.


Well, the Hathaway will be at Wonderfest, though not on public display. I was cutting too many corners to get her done. My Aztec scheme was particularly unsatisfactory, so I’ll be redoing it after the show.

Not to derail my own topic, but I am bringing something of interest to this group: a study model from TNG. The base isn’t original–I built and painted it this week, hastily, as you can see–but I hope it honors the intentions of the original modelmaker.


Back to the subject at hand–

Matt Davis of Laserfire Creations delivered this to me personally at Wonderfest. What a guy.


That’s great!


Shouldn’t the shipyard be in Grover’s Mill NJ?


That is phenomenal work.

I too never knew the underside looked like that. Very unStarfleet.