Picard's Shakespeare Bust


Haha. Ok, I give up and will bid. Need to get that 3D scanner set up again and put to more use anyway. :wink:


Make it so!





Scott, your a master of appropriate gifs!



Another interesting variation that is up on the bay recently-


Do you have the link for that?



Thank you, I don’t know how I missed this one. It’s got the same pedestal detail, if the black section is removed. Also, missing the entablature as well. Good possibility for the originating sculpt that was recast and slightly altered by ABCO.


Happened to see one show up as decoration of an Elizabethan themed structure on Treehouse Masters S10E1.


Is there a reason she put all the books in backwards? Not very practical.


I don’t know. She mentioned something about placing a few items to coordinate with the color off the curtains, so maybe she didn’t want all the colors from the spines. But yeah, I wouldn’t personally do that.

But it shows how oblivious I was. I didn’t notice, I was looking at the bust (of Shakespeare)!


I don’t know what @Norbauer plans to do with his bust, but here’s a videos showing some of the process used to make plaster or Chalkware items, which I presume his to be. Page says there’s a longer, and perhaps more indepth video this was excerpted from.

And there’s lots of videos on repairing plaster statuary.



I’ll scan it and post, just not sure whether to fix the damage IRL first or in zbrush.


Funny isn’t it, I’m guessing it’s a neutering of the advert so no title can offend the customer base, or create a legal quagmire.


We live in such a litigious society. CA and NJ in particular.


Found yet another variation. This is a Wedgewood version, but unlike one from above, this has an entablature of Shakespeare’s name, though this one is curved, instead of straight like the ABCO ones.


Same version as the last one.

Vintage Wedgwood Polished Black Basalt Bust of Shakespeare. C1975

Superb large Wedgwood polished black basalt bust of Shakespeare standing 10 inches high and measuring 7 inches across the shoulders.

Fabulous quality with very good detail and modelling. The basalt is smooth and very tactile.
Impressed on the base WEDGWOOD made in England 75 and on the bust SHAKESPEARE.


As it happens, I just finally 3D scanned this last night. Here is my model, with a bit of post-processing in ZBrush to remove the registration markers, etc. It should be pretty much printer-ready, though you might need to do a bit of sanding/smoothing flat of the base, as I couldn’t remember off the top of my head how to make a surface planar in ZBrush. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Also, depending on how many polys your slicer can handle, you might need to decimate the model in something like MeshMixer a bit to make it smaller. But I figured it would be better to give a more detailed model than less.

shakespeare - post processed.stl (32.0 MB)


Ooh, neat!

You know, comparing with the example above, it’s so similar that it can’t be coincidence but it’s subtly different enough to suggest a fair amount of resculpting, instead of just recasting. I’m talking about the figure itself, not the base or other presentation elements.