Picard's Shakespeare Bust


That is super cool of you, Ryan (and wow - that scan looks great)


I posted about this scan over at TrekBBS in reference to the Stage 9 VR project. Hope they take advantage of it.

I might open an account at Shapeways or someplace to see what it might cost to print this at different sizes. But if anyone already has an account to check on that, that’d be great. I think 1:1, 1:2, and 1:6 would be nice scales to try out.

Also, a couple questions for @norbauer, is there dimensional data in the file, or is it just a shape that one sizes ad hoc? Did your cast have any particular makers marks on it?


And indeed we’ve imported the data into Unreal and placed the bust in Picard’s quarters on Stage 9. It’ll be there on the next update, with credits to you guys. :slight_smile:


That’s incredibly cool!