Prayers for Ed Miarecki


Any update on Ed? How’s he doing? We need him back building more Star trek props!


I was wondering the same thing. I hope he’s recovering and getting better.


Ed returned home from the rehab facility last Tuesday. He is happier at home, sleeping and eating better.


Ah, very good to hear! Thank you for the update. I hope he continues to just get better!


Any chance we can get an update on Ed?


Steve Pielock brought him to Ticonderoga a couple of weeks back while we were there working. He’s up and walking with a cane. His spirits were great in spite of being a bit out of it from meds. He’s able to move his hand on that side a bit, but doesn’t yet have any feeling in it… though there is pain in certain positions, which may actually be a good sign.

All in all, miraculous so far. Many, many good signs and the improvement has been rapid for him. His mind is sharp, he was definitely engaged in our discussion about how to proceed with the decompression chamber door and wall. It was great to see. We’re all hoping that the rapid improvement continues for him.


Gets out of the hospital…hangs out in sickbay. :slight_smile:


Oh good, that’s great news! Thank you!


Glad to hear he’s doin better!


This is photo of Ed from that weekend!


Thanks for sharing the photo here, it’s wonderful to see him at the sets again.


So glad he’s continuing to recover!