Prop Room


Trek Cave,
Now there’s an interesting concept. A Batcave room or basement with a Trek Theme to it. Kind of like the sets in TOS What are little girls made of episode. Hmmmm


Very cool!!!
In the Nooks and Crannies you could display your Trek "Artifacts."
I’d only do it if I could have Andrea as my ageless permanent curator!!!


All I can say is, Wow! That is some amazing work.


Been working on my display area on the side of the steps.
DSCN6424 by Mitch Lehman, on Flickr
The two ends are the same, the center I’m still waiting for the material.
DSCN6427 by Mitch Lehman, on Flickr


Mitch let’s cut the bull. I’ll just get my checkbook and come visit you some weekend :joy::joy:


@PKaneProps anytime, my house is under remodel so there is stuff everywhere lol


You got a lot of stuff, WOW. :rofl:


OHHHHHHHHHH how ya gonna light those niches? LED tape??


Awesome room and collection


Unbeleivable Mitch…just unbelievable. Wish I had your skills. :smiley: