Ralph McQuarrie’s 1976 USS Enterprise up for Bid



Ralph McQuarrie’s Enterprise


Some nice pictures there. Can anyone guess at the kit-bashed parts?


The detail on top of the port nacelle looks like a turret, possibly from a naval kit? And the long ribbed pieces on the neck and at the base of the warp pylons may be Faller ladders, which were also used extensively on 2001: ASO as “nurnies.”


What an abomination ! It looks like something Estes would have put out in the 70’s…


I was big in rockets, nothing there recognizable except tubes.



It can be yours for $40K. :rofl:


Glad it never came to be, but dissing this thing because you don’t like the design at the expense of overlooking the history and how fantastic it is that even is exists is crazy IMO. I hope this is preserved!


Apparently the item sold for $8,000 last month. It was previously owned by Alex Peters.


This model was built to see how the concept drawings would look in 3D. The model was constructed by Derek Meddings , who was famous for most of the Gerry Anderson sci fi show vehicles. The ladder like pieces on the neck and by the struts are walkways from the airfix 1/72nd RAF refueling set fuel truck part # 03303. The piece lower on the neck is the transmission from the same kit. On the underside the kit piece below the hanger deck is the engine block from the same kit. the bridge and the two scoops either side of it are pieces from the airfix 1/72nd B-29 kit. The pieces located on the domes inside the warp nacelles were the wheel hubs from the refueling kit . The scoops by the bridge were the upper half of bombs included in the B-29 kit. The two circular pieces either side of the impulse engine on the underside were gun emplacements from an airfix 1/400 battleship kit and the gun turrets were also used for the equipment on top of the warp nacelle. Derek Meddings was going to be the miniature effects supervisor for Planet of Titans when it was going to be filmed in England. Meddings used airfix kits extensively on the vehicles in the Anderson shows. It is a shame we will never get to see the effects miniatures that would have been made for that production.


Thanks for posted that info. :slight_smile:


Thank you for this info! Is this all your research?


I didn’t realise it was a Derek Meddings model. If I had the money I’d be all over that - Meddings and Star Trek are a huge part of my upbringing!

I got to go on a set tour of the ‘new’ Thunderbirds episodes - taken from 60’s radio plays, made in as-close-to-original ways as the original show - ships on fishing wire, pyrotechnics, gantry-operated puppets - it was a dream!