Roddenberry Legacy Mk IX Retrofit


Received these in the mail today; a Roddenberry Legacy science Mk IX and holster (thanks to Mike from @hms)! :smiley:

As can be seen, I’ve gone ahead and stripped down the Mk IX to its basic parts as I want to retrofit it to become a medical Mk X (the electronics didn’t work anyway).

I already went ahead and removed those dumb hinges in order to replace them with proper-looking ones.

Got a proper back panel on the way to fit a hand scanner, though the panel’s a little undersized so I’ll have to shim it up with some styrene to make sure it fits.

Next thing is to try using a hair dryer to soften the adhesive on the graphics to safely remove them intact so they can be used as a reference for the medical Mk X graphics.

The holster is really nice, though I may have to replace the adhesive felt lining on the sides as it seems to be coming undone. Very pleased to finally have a Mk X holster.


thanks for the break-down photos. My second-hand Mk IX rear panel (outer part) doesn’t screw down all the way to the inner part. I’m nervous but now I think I’ll try taking off the inner, battery-section, to see if there’s a way to make it all fit together.


if your up to it, mail the boards to me. I bet I can fix them.