Saurian Brandy Bottles


Excellent, thanks!


I believe you will be pleasantly surprised


@Mr.Atoz A HUGE thanks to you for sharing this info.

Gotta say the Macao Orange never looked right, surely anyone that’s used it has felt the same when they first see it. Wish we could wipe all reference to it. Sadly there are so many Macao Orange bottles out there now and photos of them all over the interwebs.

But wowzers, look at all the colors Angelus leather paint is available in though…


Let me know what you think…


A big thank you @Mr.Atoz for sharing that story, the use of a leather product to change color of the leather at the time sounds simple and perfect.


@sanjoelo Joel, I added a CAVEAT EMPTOR to my post in the paint code thread to help clear confusion for anyone considering the color.


Will do I’ve got some on order to sample, wonder if it could work overtop the paint and primer I had used on the leather. If not I’m SOL on my existing bottle because removing the layers of paint and red primer will not be an easy task and attempts could easily cause damage.


I have a feeling it may have been something available in Mr. Theiss bag of tricks…


reprimer and just top coat with the Angelus … it should be ok.
It goes on with a brush and is super creamy in texture, easily double or triple coated…
oh… and water wash up…


As one with an orange bottle, I’m going to try this. Does anyone have suggestions as to a leather primer/base coat?


If the paint is intended for leather, why use a primer if you’re painting on leather?


I think the concern here is that once the macao orange was applied it was no longer leather…was the dunn Edwards paint an acrylic or latex based paint ? If so,it should not be an issue


The bottle that this thread was built on hasn’t been “Macao Orange” in quite a while. I was guided to a different color by someone that I would consider an expert in the field. I was asked not to post it on the Internet and I will keep my word on that.

The top pic is mine, the lower is “Journey To Babel”.


It doesn’t look terribly dissimilar from the Angelus Brick. With that said, my curiosity is piqued and I have ordered some Angelus to use on my next bottle.


Sorry, I should have specified that I was replying to eoconnor’s question.


I would love to see a pic of the finished bottle with the Angelus paint when you are done, Joel.

I have a 1/4 gallon amber bottle waiting to be painted but I’m going to wait and see how this pans out. I love the macoa orange but if I have one caveat it would be that the pigment could use just a touch more red…just a pinch.

Nevertheless, you will find macoa orange throughout my house…like this Federation issue spice rack. :sunglasses:


I was able to get a couple of bottles this spring as well (one amber, one brown), so I’m eagerly watching this space too. I do like the idea of $10 leather pigment over $30+ for a custom mix of macoa orange.


Love it. I wonder how they apply spices to those little colored food cubes?


Ordered Angelus brick… going to re-do my bottle. Will post pics…


I’ll try to post pics of mine tonight…of course it’s all about the lighting and personal perception…but perhaps it will provide you all with an idea…


Lol…very carefully, I suspect.