Saurian Brandy Bottles


I have one of the darker brown (amber) bottles, would have sworn it was spot-on, till I came to this forum. Ah, ignorance is bliss.:rofl:

But seriously, when the bottle is filled, it is harder to tell the true color of the glass. Just as lighting conditions will change how the painted leather appears. Dare I say it, whatever is “dead-on balls accurate”, I like my amber Dickel bottle with Macau Orange paint very much!


^ Darker bottle = Saurian Blackberry Brandy

Darker bottles were also used in later series and appear to be more readily available.


They also made a clear bottle which is quite rare. I’m glad the darker ones were also used, they are easier to find.


Has anyone here ever seen one of the clear bottles? I’ve only heard reports of them…


Only a picture. If I recall correctly, it was very large, possibly larger than the 1/2 gallon bottles.


I think I’ve seen those red alert light lenses on ebay.


Sorry, I somehow missed this. It was a 3-D print from someone on eBay - username - creat3dprops


So, here’s my re-painted bottle using Angelus brick, left with Macau Orange tape strip…while the right lighting is key, in this pic, the orange definitely looks too pale.



so what do you think ?


I think the orange is too pale, the angelus brick, in the right light looks spot on.


It looks Right