Scotty’s Sonic/Crescent Wrench


Spot on Sharon !!


UV light


^ Same thing or different? I see them advertised as both.


The little lenses on it and the Spock’s Brain piece look like the lenses on lit push button switches. I think they had those back in the day.


^ Good point, there are indeed push button switches with grooved lenses in assorted colors and no doubt they existed back in the day by various manufactures. It’s entirely possible that replacement lenses for such a switch were also available at the time, speculating that such an item is a plausible source, possibly purchased in bulk as discontinued surplus for a quick and cheap grab back in the day.

The GE night lights pointed out by @Mr.Atoz are certainly an acceptable solution. Very affordable and easy to modify for use in this application without molding and casting. The grooves are not domed like the original though so not an entirely perfect replication.


Yup ! many hours of poring over vintage and contemporary catalogs raytheon cutler hammer etc.
Trying to find the right ones…and at an affordable price ? Nope ! The nightlite was an affordable and readily available solution. I have multiple versions of these radial buttons…


And the two that appear on the Spocks Brain wrist thing are clear with a painted color on the inside.


So you have a box of meteorites of say iron-nickle and lunar-types and just don’t know how to display them? Sonic wrench to the rescue;


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^ Shatner in Ticonderoga where it was out of place.


The threads are getting harder to remember where stuff is, Example Scotty’s Sonic/Crescent Wrench has nothing to do with Shatner in Ticonderoga. If I was looking for information on this wrench I would not be looking in Shatner in Ticonderoga. Just my 2 cents.


I think that’s why the thread was moved into this post.


I just picked up a two pack of those nightlights “used” via Amazon Warehouse for $1.95 shipped with “minor imperfections to top or sides of item”. Worth the risk? I dunno, but I’ll take a shot on the lenses being intact.


Sorry about that Mitch, I asked the question about getting it in my bag from @jonpaul0151 and it grew until Sharon brought it here.


No problem I was just using that as an example there are other threads way way off topic just saying


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you should be fine as the lenses are recessed and can be polished out. + you will be turning them inside out.