Scotty's Very Very Very Old Scotch


7 1/4" high without the cap, about 7 9/16" with. 3 5/8" across the center. Footprint is 3.5" x 3".


Thanks, the cap and cork look modern, am I correct?
If so, from where did you purchase it?


The cap is vintage, the cork was replaced as the old one had deteriorated. New ones glue on nicely with some good old Elmer’s.


OK… thanks again.
I would have thought Hot Glue but Elmers is easier!


Nice find. I never found a large bottle but I did find a miniature of it and of the Dickel full.


I had one of those mini Saurian/Dickel bottles years ago, also full. Found it in a local antique store. I also wonder what the whiskey (or Scotch whisky) is like after all these years.


That’s Very, Very, Very Old Scotch… WHISKEY!


Maybe I should drink it because both are evaporating. They are in a small wall unit display I’ve had for a long time.


Ohhhhh ohhhh ohhh Catspaw Enterprise !


Mine was evaporating also, it was only about 2/3 full. I wound up selling it. That mini Old Rarity bottle is pretty cool, I had no idea those even existed.

Very nice display, my eyes also immediately went to that sweet Catspaw Enterprise.


I have a Catspaw Enterprise as well from several years ago. I don’t know who made it but I bought it on ebay and it really is a stunning piece.


One of my most wanted props. I’ve always loved it.


Rylo produced it and there are a couple of propmakers out there intending to reproduce.
but it’s a very difficult item to machine. It’s been on my want list for a very long time too.


My Catspaw is a Rylo. Got it years ago from @Nicksdad and carefully put it together straight with crazy glue. I wanted it for a long time and grabbed it fast on the TPZ. It’s not accurate to the original but the original is not accurate to the USS Enterprise. I love it.


What size is the ‘official’ Catspaw? I have a 1993 Ertl Enterprise. About 4-1/2" long, with a saucer 2" in diameter. The saucer and engineering hull are metal; the warp pylons are plastic.


Much smaller than that. Look at it relative to the candle, maybe 2-2.5"?


Mine is 3 and 1/4 inches.


If Sylvia’s wrist is like 2" across and that candle is 2.5-ish. 3" to 3.25" seems to make sense.


Who made the original?