Scratchbuilding a Kligat


I am going to attempt to make a kligat from scratch using info gathered from the" Kligat" thread started by @Fresno_Rob. I’ve been wanting one for a while and always thought it would be a fun little project.

I used a piece of scrap 1x8 pine from the scrap pile. I know JoeB used MDF, I chose pine because it’s easy to shape and is a more enjoyable experience for me than working with MDF.

I started by enlarging a photo of a screen used kligat until it’s center hole reached it’s known diameter of approximately 2.5 inches, I then printed it to use as a template.

I refined the lines with a marker and cut out the template, placed it on the pine and cut out the rough shape of the kligat.

Next up…I need to refine the profile with a coping saw and try to make each of the three blade sections more even with each other, then its lots and lots of shaping.


Look like you’re off to a great start! I’m looking forward to your progress…


Looking good


I used a jig saw, coping saw, plane, files and sandpaper to do the shaping so far. no rotary tools yet. I will probably use wood carving chisels to shape the blades.

I refined the over-all profile and scribed guidelines for shaping to keep things centered and symmetrical.

Almost there.


Looking good…


I shaped the blades with a file, sanded and primed.

I have tons of spots to fix and fill…lots of prep yet before the final paint. I still have to adjust the overall profile a little where I went a but wide with the initial cut. I’m very pleased with the results so far.


That looks terrific. I love the wood grain.


Thanks, Rob. I like the wood grain too.


That’s really looking beautiful! Nice work!


Thank you.


I refined the shape of the blades yesterday, I will be puttying, sanding and maybe painting today.


The Kligat is almost done but I have to wait a few days before I can give it its final sanding and paint.
I just received a physics lesson from my tablesaw. “Good news, everyone!” I still have a thumb!

It’s a little gnarly but it’s mostly all there, lol.


Been there and have done that too. Welcome to the club. Hope you’re all right Tim.


Glad you still have the thumb.


Safety first, cut yourself with the Kligat!



A couple stitches, no biggie. tis-but-a


I’m sure you have your share of battle scars, Joe. :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s funny you say that, Sharon, I can’t help imagining what it would be like to have an aluminum CNC version of the Kligat…how cool would THAT be?

Razor sharp, of course.


Meant to write don’t cut yourself with the kligat!


^ Thanks for clearing that up because you seemed so nice at the prop meet, I was confused.

Of course I’m kidding…I knew what you meant! :grinning: