Scratchbuilding a Kligat


Oh man…hope it heals quickly!


Stitches are out, time to get after it.

I used some Squadron Putty to smooth things out and fix some dings.

Then I painted it red as a complimentary undercoat to the silver and gold.

Next up is the blade color, I chose mirrored silver over plain silver because I wanted more of a metallic chromey kinda look. Not what they did on the show but I thought it would be kinda cool.

Now I just have to wait about a week for the paint to cure a little before I mask off the blades and paint the gold.`


^ Looks good Tim, glad you’re back at it again!

Is that a red primer or a complete coating of the putty? So you’re doing silver first, what product is the mirrored silver paint?

It’s been suggested to use red primer under Gold leafing. I’ve got my resin Kligat primed with black now since it looks like you can see black showing in some of the originals. Was planning to paint gold first, so I’m interested in your results with painting silver first.


It’s red paint. I wanted a full coat of paint between the primer and the metallic paints, because red size is used for gilding I thought why not. I’ll post a pic of the silver paint I’m using.


Clever idea Tim



Thanks, Joe. It’s nowhere near as fine as one of yours, I really got to appreciate the precision in your work as I studied the shapes of your kligats and those in the hero pics.


Beautiful work, Tim! Also, I rather liked the red Kligat!


Yes, safety first!!! Actually, the red is a training Kligat. :slight_smile:


Last nights lesson: Do not try to clear-coat mirrored silver paint.

It turned from a mirror finish to gloss grey instantly. Oh well, I stayed calm and carried on.
I masked it out and proceeded anyway.

Now I need to decide whether or not I want to paint the blades again, keep them as is or…
I’m thinking I might apply chrome foil. It looks pretty cool. The mirrored paints are out for me because they mark up so ridiculously easy. I want something I can ultimately seal with clear acrylic.
Any thoughts?


Clear acrylic will dull down any shiny mirror like quality of anything…imho


The bare metal foil looks really nice on there!

The only chrome paint that I’ve seen that is resistant to clear coat dulling is the Molotow Liquid Chrome. Even then you have to use a special airbrush lacquer clear as well.


Love the foil. While at the MoPop I took note that Jefferies D7 studio model had foil-on chrome accents and not paint. 2nd image shows this the best.


Thanks so much for this thread. I am about to begin my own Kligat for a cosplay for the Star Trek Las Vegas convention in August and this thread has been EXTREMELY helpful! You really saved me from making some mistakes regarding the type of wood to buy. I just bought 3/4" MDF and hope to get started soon. :sunny:


Welcome to the board @wildmaven .


@wildmaven - Yes, make your life easier and use mdf.


Liking the foil


Decided to try my hand at silver leafing. The metal foil would’ve been a pain in the arse getting it to match up just right with the underlying gray paint…we’ll see what happens. I’ve always wanted to try it anyway.


That was fun!
So simple to do and it took me no time at all. I was able to brush on the metal size easily and accurately so the leaf has a nice defined edge against the gold…no masking required.

Calling it done!


Very nice Tim.