Scratchbuilding a Kligat


Impressive work on this Tim, thanks for sharing the build from scratch.


That looks so good!!


Looks great. I really do like the foil!!


Very nice.


That looks perfect! Awesome job!


Thank you very much for the kind words, everyone.


Wow! Looks great @Landru! I love watching everyone’s builds!


@pretzel399, thanks. I agree, there are some great builds going on right now. :slightly_smiling_face:


Is it carved on both sides, or just the one? Which direction do the blades face, clockwise or counterclockwise, as I see both in photos and am confused as to which is correct. We’re halfway through the carving, but are now unsure if we should continue or start over.


Well, just flip it over to change blade direction :wink:


It’s carved on both sides. Blade direction is irreverent. What you have got so far looks good.


Well, if it was one sided, it would matter, hahahhahah. It was hard to tell from the photos if it was one sided or two. :slight_smile:

Does anyone have any photos of one taken “on-edge”?


@wildmaven That looks great.


@Landru Whooooooooooooooooooo, that’s very helpful!!! Thank you!


May I ask how you all are attaching yours to your belt? I know in the show it’s a metal u-shaped hook, but I’m afraid I’m going to lean over at a convention and it’ll pop out without me knowing it. After all this work, I’d hate to lose it!!!


I havent got this far yet, but I think a simple snap on a leather loop would suffice


^ That sounds like a good idea, leather and a snap or some type of fabric loop with velcro. @wildmaven can you share a pic of your whole costume w/kligat and all, would love to see it.


@wildmaven I’ll second the Motion for finish pics of your costume with kligat, they’ll be fun to see.

@Mr.Atoz Your suggestion for a belt mount loop is a fabulous idea.

Mine is going in a Trek Prop display cabinet but it’s good to know belt options.


Nice finish, very nice indeed


Here’s the costume, complete with finished Kligat! :smiley: People took more photos of me in this than they did with me in my Klingon outfit, haha!