Screen-Accurate Dyed Uniform Fabrics 1987-2005


Are there any updates on this?


I know I am a little late for the discussion, but I wanted to share a couple of pictures of some fabric swatches that I got from Carol Kunz during the 4th season of TNG.
One was taken with a flash:

and one without - TNGClothSwtchs2
The swatches are the wool gaberdine material.



Is that white paper/table that those are on?

I ask because some basic color correcting can be done if that is indeed white paper or table it is photograph on.


Yes, that is a white piece of paper that the swatches are on.




Here is a basic color corrected version using the white background as a white-balance reference.


Very nice.
If you want, I can take a picture of the swatches without the studio card on the white background if that will help.



Having owned original TNG uniforms in all three branch colors in the wool gabardine, that looks right to me. The blue material was the color shifter; it can look dark blue, the color you see here and then teal.

And there were slight differences in shades due to dye lots. The mustard seems to be the most affected by this. My original TNG Engineering/Security mens gabardine jacket has sleeves that are slightly darker than the body. Looks cool, though.