Screen used universal translator update!


I just saw in the TV listings this episode is airing again tonight, at 8:30/11:30pm CST where I live.


We watched this on the Bridge viewing screen in Ticonderoga last week, it was fun to watch.


It is Awesome watching anything on the Bridge wasn’t it guy’s?


Something else that never grows old.


Would love to see this. Maybe another viewing in August?

Congrats to all involved. Looks like it was a lot of fun.


Mine was the only scene cut! I guess I was too fat, ugly and old LOL.


Maybe you were actually too good and showed everyone else up, be positive man!


Yeah, maybe he was too sexy for a family show.


Just wanted to point out that the show is on Netflix now if anyone wanted to see the episode.


^ Thanks for that news, I’ll be watching it again. Had to have someone with DirecTV record it for me back when it first ran. It is a very obscure channel and the show wasn’t available by episode or even a season pass on streaming and not available on disc or thumb drive from the network or producers at the time.

Too bad they cut Steve’s scene!