Season 2-3 hypospray


Apparently not!


As others have said, this thread is awesome. It sort of made my head hurt, but it was worth it! :laughing:


Hi Ryan,

Any update to share with us regarding your nickel plated brass hypo?



I’ve been looking into it but have been having trouble getting the latest needle design tweaks prototyped, so I’ve been considering casting just part cast in aluminum or brass and then plating it and then having the other parts machined. This increases the complexity of everything by a lot, which just means it takes longer, but I definitely haven’t stopped work on this one. I was actually just testing out a new o-ring design yesterday. As soon as I know anything, I’ll post about it. :slight_smile:


Spotted this Dr. McCoy TOS publicity shot recently – a rare image I’d not seen before. Not sure it adds much to the effort – but is interesting nonetheless…

Can anyone tell by looking if this is a Season One or Season Two image?

And is that a Season One or Season Two hypo?


Based on the overall length of the hypo and the length of the vial it looks like a season 1 hypo to me.


Thanks for sharing, Dave. More reference never hurts!

I’m inclined to agree with Larry. I feel like I can see a separation down the middle of the needle maybe.


The length would be the dead give away since the Season 1 version never collapses.


Sorry for the necro-post, But on the surgical tray, is there a specific paint color or just Grey?


DeForest looks like he’s drunk.


I painted my platter/tray a silver gray with red trim. Fully accurate or not the trays make a great way to display medical props. Protoplaser is not finished yet, decided to pick one up so the medical tray didn’t look so sparse.

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Very nice Sharon.


Looks great!

On a side note, I watched some of those dvds your burned me last night, thanks again!


Sharon I love that tray!! Where did you get the green cloth?


Search for sterile OR (Operating Room) towels, fits the role on a medical tray even if it isn’t what they originally used in the show.

They are available non-sterile and a few different colors.


Wonderful job painting the tray Sharon. That really came out great.


Is it just me or does the original cloth look like scrap material from the suede wrap used in Charlie X , or even the season 1 Phaser belts image(upload://bung3zn2Ea0swd323SBmKIGfvPh.jpeg)image


As I said even if it isn’t what they originally used these towels fit the role. Horses for courses.


Oh no , didn’t mean to reference your towels … I just saw the original photo a second ago and made me think :thinking:EDIT : which I think yours are still more fitting BTW


I agree it does look like wrap material used in the top photo but color is different in the Charlie X wrap.