Small Voyager PADD Project


Whilst I wait for my 2 Stapleton Production Tricorders, I decided to go ahead and order a Small Voyager PADD Kit from Etsy. I went for it because I needed some practice with priming/painting/clear coating, but mostly because I love the look of PADDs. And it’s a relatively affordable project to screw up.


As an inexperienced Kit builder, I just wanted to ask some initial questions:

  1. This post suggests that Duplicolor BGM0478 is a great colour match. I’ve got one being shipping in from US, but is there a readily available UK equivalent?
  2. I’m going to need to round off the corners of the perspex. Does anyone have a good method for this? Right now I guess I’m just going to have to sand it down by hand. I just worry I might end up with uneven edges.
  3. Does anyone know of a good source where I can find printed graphics for the main screen?

Thanks :slight_smile:


I’ve done a handful of these in the past. I’ve been very happy with Duplicolor BGM0478, though I’m from the US, so I can speak for readily available alternatives in the US.

So far, I’ve always rounded the edges manually with sandpaper and sanding blocks and a few hours of time. As long as you have good lighting, I don’t think you’ll have to worry about the edges being noticeably uneven. Over the past few months I got a dremel and routing table, so it’s on my list to try using that to get the bevel, though I’m sure some manual cleanup will still be necessary.

I’m not aware of anyone that has ready-made graphics for the PADDs outside of a kit. I too struggle with this. In the US, most shipping stores (UPS, FedEx) and office supply stores (Staples, Office Max) have print centers that have high quality printers and you can choose your own paper type. If you found or created some graphic you like, those types of services should be able to provide you with a printed version that’ll look great on the prop. Here’s a thread I started on the subject last year: Tips & tricks for high quality graphics.


Cool. Thank you for your feedback, @trekker670


Sad times… My Duplicolor BGM0478 that I was getting shipped US > GB was flagged as restricted by the shipping company/customs. I’m currently waiting to hear from a UK Company to see if they have an equivalent. I’ll keep you posted.


Sorry to hear that. Hope you work something out. Was it flammability or what was the reason?


@clarksworth might have a UK paint equivalent suggestion for you :slight_smile:

Voyager PADDs were also painted in a warmer/more brown version of the “dove grey” used throughout the shows. So that could be another color to look for if you can’t track down the pewter.


@Lt.Washburn Didn’t say, specifically. Just a link was provided to the “Global Shipping Company” T&Cs. I did get an automatic full refund though.

@EWilliams Ok, thanks for the lead :slight_smile: