Sonak's PADD


A prop I have not seen addressed on the board (or referenced anywhere) is the small blue/soft-violet color PADD that Commander Sonak was carrying when he had his “walk and talk” with Admiral Kirk at Starfleet HQ.

It might also be the same type that another Starfleet Officer has in his hand right as Kirk is stepping out of the air tram earlier in the scene (though not sure). He can be seen boarding the air tram as Kirk turns to talk to Sonak.


Oh goody, another TMP prop!


There are also a few carrying cases the people standing and walking around in that scene are holding/carrying which might be worth running down as well, but figured Sonak’s PADD was a more interesting one to start off with.

I am also pretty sure that guy that disappears behind the elevator structure wall as the camera pulls back, the guy in the shiny jacket, is actually a film crew member and that is a goof. That silver jacket looks like some of the film crew jackets IIRC.


A couple of other good threads on TMP stuff.


Yeah, I poured over those threads. Love them. Spock’s engineering tool in particular was great.


Still on my to do list but that could mean years…


I love this prop! We should totally all work on a design for it together!

Story of my life. :slight_smile:


Are those two wrist comm decals (lower left and upper right), and tricorder sensor decals (middle right) I see?


Even though I know better, the details on the middle right look like the details on the door of a Mark VI tric.


Looks like it to me :slight_smile:


Sure does. Is this the earliest known sighting of the MkVI graphic concept?


My mistake, it wasn’t a tricorder scanner decal but a control panel decal from the tricorder with the green section repeated:


:dancers: Oops, your right. They do look like that after all.


I totally thought Mk VI when I first looked at it too.


The lower right one certainly does seem like a crop of the same decal as this background/“stunt” wrist communicator, using the portion from the second from the top full width “panel” downward in this image.

The upper left looks like it is a different “crop” of the same decal, only going from two “half panels” upward and over the “top” as viewed in this image of the same background/“stunt” wrist comm prop.

The black block lettering in the upper right of the PADD looks to my eyes like it reads “STC” which could be the acronym for “Starfleet Training Command” which would make sense with the scene given that Sonak was finishing up his training at Starfleet HQ according to the dialog in that scene.

I concur. It does look like the tricorder “green and red” panel section with the green portion repeated.

Alas, I don’t think we have any images which show what the middle and lower left left panels look like on the PADD since Sonak’s palm covers it throughout the scene.

Edit: We seem to have a slight peek at the lower left panel in a earlier shot in the scene, the first screengrab at the top of the thread.


Not sure if this helps, but cropped the screen grabs from the first two shots in the scene that show Sonak’s PADD, and put them into a mosaic.

It does show a glimpse of the lower panels in a few of the grabs.


From Starlog #47, some of the padds used in the San Francisco sequence:


Cool. I have seen images of the middle one before, but some of the others in the background on the left image I haven’t. And it doesn’t appear that Sonak’s PADD is shown in that lot.

But very cool none-the-less.


I don’t know if its just me but I think they still look like the design holds up even now-