Space: 1999 Stun Gun/Staple Gun


Finished up this kit I purchased from Century Castings in the UK. This is made of plastic and metal and thankfully was not in need of too much cleanup! I modified the shape somewhat and I’m going to make the firing button functional at some point, but for now it’s close enough to being done.


That looks really nice Rob. What kind of Eagle is that in e background?


Thanks Joe. That’s a Product Enterprise Eagle Transporter.


That looks really cool to Rob. Is it 12 or 22 inches long?


That’s so cool, Rob!


That’s really cool Rob.


It’s 12 inches, building a 22 is on my list of things to do before I die. :grin:


Thanks Tim and Mike!


Just finished the 22 inch awhile back.


That is pretty sweet. Love the weathering. The Eagle is still one of my favorite ship designs, even though it crashes constantly.


Thank you! I love that ship too. I’m not the best model builder but I do love to do weathering on them.


Another beautiful Eagle.


Fantastic, I need to see this next time we get together.


I can bring it to Trekonderoga. It will fit in perfectly with the Star Trek theme.




Please, please, pretty please bring it to Ticon Rob.


Fine work Rob!

Would have loved to see these in person, had planned to be at Trekonderoga but unfortunately won’t be able to make it after all.