Star Trek: Bridge Crew Engaged and VR


Anybody else seen this? The VR part looks like a lot of fun.


This is impressive. If anything would ever pique my interest in VR, this would be it, I’ll be following this for sure.


I got to test it out last year at a convention. It was a short demo but it felt really cool to be on the bridge working controls and stuff.

The Demo began with a ride a shuttle craft ride over to the ship and in the shuttle there was a Saurian brandy bottle in the back. Pretty fun.


I’ve really been enjoying it. The TOS bridge is exponentially more difficult to control, but both are a ton of fun. My preferred role is helmsman – I love flying the ship!

It’s a very social game, though, which may be a barrier for some. Lots of talking, usually with strangers you’ve been paired with as your crew. If you can lean into that, it’s great fun. You’ll be calling your nine-year-old superior “Captain” in no time!


:star_struck: TNG DLC announced! They’re adding the Enterprise D, LCARS interfaces, Soong-type android avatars, the Borg, Romulans, and several new mechanics later this month!!



I’m genuinely excited. It wasn’t the best game ever but it was just cool being on a bridge pushing buttons and such. I’m hopeful they made some improvements to draw more people in. After the first few months I could never find a group to play with.


Not sure if it’s just me , but one thing that constantly bugs me and turns me away from movie/tv games is the soundtrack . They rarely use original content…EDIT - and I do realize the difficulty to get rights