STAR TREK CONTINUES releases Blu-ray files, music CD files, posters and scripts


I use Toast Titanium for burning discs on my Mac. You may need to purchase a Blu-Ray plug-in for Toast Titanium. Some versions included it but for other versions it was an additional purchase to activate Blu-Ray functionality that is otherwise grayed out.

Just drag the ISO file into Toast Titanium, with a blank 25GB BD-R in the Blu-Ray burner select the proper optical drive if you have more than one and burn disc. Instant Blu-Ray disc playable on any or at least most Blu-Ray players.


Sounds like you just copied the ISO file to the disc which is not the same. Sorry I don’t use Apple products.

Windows 10 you right click and select “Burn Disc Image”. I also had to change the file association to to open with explorer instead of 7zip which tends to install claiming ISO files.
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My problem with the BD’s is that my burns to BD end up halting for lack of disc space and they are 25GB discs. Save the second disc ISO that is.


An .iso file is a disc image. You aren’t wanting to copy the .iso to the disc as much as you want your burning program to put the disc image contained within the .iso file on the disc. Does that make sense?

You need a program that will understand what to do with the .iso, not just copy it to the disc as a single .iso file.


The only issue I’ve seen with the Blu-Ray ISO’s is with disc 3, one of the extra features gets cut off and ends abruptly. You’ll miss out on the space unicorn.

I provided Mac advice through this thread, it looks like @droboogie1 is on a Mac too. Toast Titanium will verify discs after burning them, this is always wise even if it does take longer than the actual disc burn.


Yep, that’s my read.


Hi again folks. I have yet to be able to get these episodes to a blu-ray that will play on a blu-ray player. The problem as I see it is this:

If I convert the ISO file to MP4 or AVI, won’t it take apart the menus and organization that was placed into the ISO?

Are there blu-ray players that play ISOs?

Maybe these are just designed to play on computers?

How about this:
Is there a way to download the video files separate from the ISO? That way, I could create my own menu and put them on a BD that should play in any BD player.


You’re misinterpreting the .iso as a video format. It’s not. It’s a disc image. You need a program that will lay that image onto a disc for you. Once that’s done, any Blu-Ray capable player will read it.


I’m on a a Mac too, it is really pretty simple.

On a Mac simply drag the ISO file into Toast Titanium and burn to Blu-Ray disc. As @sanjoelo mentioned ISO is not a video format, it’s a disc image complete with authored menus etc., so there is no need to re-create menu’s yourself STC did all of that already.

The ISO’s will make Blu-Rays that play on all regular Blu-Ray Players.

Just click the BIG RED BUTTON to make the file a Blu-Ray Disc that will play on all regular Blu-Ray Players.


That sounds easy. I will give it a try!

Thank you for the explanation!


Could someone maybe help me out and burn a set of the DVDs for me, complete with artwork for the jewel cases? I’ve tried finding some place local to do it for me, but no such luck. I would of course reimburse for all materials and time spent. Anyone able to help, shoot me a PM.


PM sent


So, after purchasing Toast Titanium, and the blu-ray plug-in, and after two unsuccessful attempts, I can report SUCCESS! Volumes 1 and 2 are finished, with 3 and 4 to follow shortly.

I wanted to thank the folks in this thread who helped me. Turns out it was very easy after all.


You’re welcome, glad you were able to get it working. QED


Hello everyone. Is there someone who has downloaded this who would be willing to burn the Blu Rays of this for me, and print out the case artwork for me? Of course I’d be willing to reimburse you for materials and your time. My internet is very slow and im not able to myself.
Please get in touch if you can. Thank you.


could you burn me a set? I was able to download the ISO files and they work fine on my computer but neither my bluray player nor DVD recorder can read the discs

I’d be glad to pay for time, materials, and postage


Hey Elvis,

I could burn the DVDs for you but we have a different TV system (PAL instead of NTSC). But just like you I store my DVDs (in this case in double) in jewel cases to save space. For this reason I changed all the graphics to fit into jewel cases. If you are interested drop me a line.



Hey Dietrich, I actually lucked out in getting a set of them made over here.

I really appreciate the offer, though. Thanks for offering to do so, buddy :wink:


Hi guys,
here are some pictures, so you can see how I stored my Star Trek Continous DVDs.

I keep all my DVDs in jewel cases, because they are smaller than the usual DVD cases.



^ That’s a nice solution where shelf space is limited!

My preference is for media dubs to live in their intended case style. For DVD’s I like the clear cases allowing for additional artwork on the inside of the case inserts, similar but distinctive from deluxe Blu-Ray boxes. For self burned CD’s slimline jewel cases are nice in a flip bin type storage box but less than ideal if stored spline out on a shelf.


Are those TV station video reels?