STAR TREK CONTINUES releases Blu-ray files, music CD files, posters and scripts


Oh my… You have so many formats covered there! Do you have the equipment to play all that back??


Broadcast formats 2” Quad, 1” Helical, 3/4” U-Matic SP, Beta SP, DVC Pro 50, Audio CD and non-broadcast DVD Video.

Blu-Ray not pictured :wink:


I think she meant to say “yes!”

Sharon is a rare mix of broadcast engineer and prop collector. So glad that so many of us got to meet each other in person recently!

But you do need a LaserDisc in there…


Wax cylinders.


Wax goes back to the begining. Actually before tape recorders there were wire recorders which recorded to a thin steel wire. :slight_smile:


So, where can I buy a set on Blu Ray and for how much?


You can’t buy a set on Blu-ray, but you can make your own Blu-rays with the files that have been made available.


I understand that, but I don’t want to spend the money for a blu-ray burner that I’ll only use for this one application. Secondly, I’m not a tech person and quite frankly the process is well beyond my abilities. I’ve read the comments above and see a lot of annoyance and frustration even among those who have some working knowledge as to how to do this. Surely there must be someone out there who is willing to sell ready-made box sets at a reasonable price. I’ve checked ioffer, but so far nothing has popped up.


There are people on this board who have successfully created Blu-ray copies. So you might peruse the board and see who has figured things out and who might help you.


There are folks on here that will do them for you.