Star Trek Discovery season one Blu-Ray & DVDs?


Has anyone heard if or when the first season will come out on DVD?


I’ve seen Emmy screeners on eBay. (4) discs containing the entire 1st season. Currently, the only way to obtain professionally made copies of this series



Seems like Blu-Rays would be released before or about the same time as season 2 starts streaming.

Anyone know when that is? •

Emmy screener DVD’s are nice in the meantime, thanks for sharing that find!

• Edit to add:
Just found Season 2 is scheduled for release Jan 2019. So it would make sense to see a Season 1 Blu-Ray and DVD release available for the Holidays.


They just announced the release of Season 1 on blu-ray on November 13th at STLV 2018!


Excellent, just in time for the Holiday Season running up to the January ‘19 return for season two.

I’ve got a DVD Emmy Consideration Set on the way but will definitely support by picking up Blu Rays.


You can pre-order Star Trek Discovery on Amazon now!

Edit to add:
Amazon link to pre-order the official Blu Ray release of Discovery.

Star Trek: Discovery - Season One [Blu-ray]