Star Trek: Enterprise Boots


(Screen Used)

Ever since I saw Enterprise in its first run on TV I loved the boots that they wear. At the time, as a fifteen year old kid I searched every store, everywhere. It wasn’t until very recently that I learned that the reason I could not find them anywhere is that the costume department bought the entire run of “Alfani” brand boots.

After a 13 year gap and break from my obsession with all things Star Trek props I began looking into these boots again at the end of last year. I found several mentions of them all over the internet but nothing much.

I resolved to have the boots created for me. It has been a very complex project and using screen-caps and eventually pictures of the genuine article provided by an inside source, I was able to get really clear reference photos for the shoemaker.

I thought I would share this project with you guys because I think there is a possibility that some of you wanted Enterprise boots as much as I do.

Here are some of the in-progress pictures.

The shoemaker was unable to make the sole of the boots in the way that reflects the originals.

The boots are currently at a local cobbler getting a new sole - which promises to be 90%+ accurate. He is also refinishing the top of the boots making the “ribbing” more pronounced as reflected in the photo at the top of this post.

More on this as the project develops.


Wow, you’re dedicated! Are you getting the whole costume made to wear?

That’s interesting about buying out the boot supply. I hadn’t heard that before. I recently spent some time looking for various shoes based on the auction descriptions that say what they are. Some you can find, some are very rare.


I’m actually just getting the boots made for now. I should have them this Saturday evening, needless to say after 16 years I am pretty damned excited about them.

I would love to get the entire Enterprise “Archer” costume made at some point but I don’t know too many folks in the costuming arena.


Are you familiar with the Bad Wolf costume guides? They’re very detailed, so a good tailor can probably do an excellent job, even if they’re not an experience fan/costumer.


I am not aware of Bad Wolf costume guides. I will look into it.


Anovos sells what looks to be an accurate NX-01 cap as well.

And the correct underclothes are vintage DKNY.


Those look great!
The bottom picture, those would even look good as TNG boots.
Can’t wait to see the updated enterprise boots.


Home stretch! The boots are structurally done. A minor amount of work needed for the edge of the sole but I’m picking them up tomorrow morning.


Looks great! Are they completely custom, or is there a donor boot being used?


Thank you. They are 100% created. No donor boots.


AThe boots are 100% done. I had the strap reworked after I noticed the ribs don’t cover the whole strap.

Super happy with the result


That’s awesome! Maybe the first to make a pair since the real ones were made.


Nothing a Star Trek Prop Guy can’t do!