Star Trek Tarantino


So it looks like Tarantino is doing Star Trek 4. I enjoyed Beyond and accept the Kelvin Timeline after being turned off by Into Darkness. I think it is action packed and a good spin off. I just don’t like it’s look coming back as canon.

Star Trek Tarantino


Upsetting… the JJ movies are what introduced me to Trek . Due to its at least pg-13 nature . We already have a r rated tv show … so why are we trying to keep it so adult oriented … how are other young people going to become interested !!!


Nope, he is not doing Trek 4. Director of the next pic was announced some time ago.

Tarantino is in talks to write and direct a Trek film and the story is he required that the his film MIGHT be rated R. But that’s all we know.


I posted a link. Here’s another one from two days ago.

Star Trek Tarantino


Yep, that repeats what I posted earlier. At this time he is not scheduled to direct Trek 4.


The question is, will he be using the Kelvin Timeline in his film. At any rate I follow it as a Popcorn movie.


My understanding is that S.J. Clarkson is directing Star Trek 14 and it will be set in the JJ-verse. Tarantino is working on a separate project, presumably Star Trek 15.

It was previously unclear whether Tarantino’s film would be in the JJ-verse or a standalone film. Over the past few weeks the JJ-verse cast, most notably Zachary Quinto, has indicated that they’d be included in Tarantino’s film. Based on their statements, the cast is assuming they’ll be included.


Exactly, the cast is assuming. We really don’t know anything about the Terentino film. May or may not be rated R. May or may not be in the Kelvin timeline. May or may not use the Kelvin timeline cast. Standalone film… Who knows.


Yeah , Quinto has been all over the place .