‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ Props on Display at the Licensing Expo


Odd selection of props on display.

That Desktop Monitor looks suspect.


Many of those are replicas. I see lots of Chris Avilla’s PADDs and replica Klingon chip. The med Tricorder and desktop viewer are fairly inaccurate.


Since it’s supposed to be a licensing expo, was there anything there that they were actually licensing? It just seems like they’ve missed the ball of the 50th anniversary of TOS last year and the 30th anniversary of TNG this year with the lack of interesting ships or roleplaying items from DST. I’m hoping they do better with MacFarlane.


To say that Desktop Viewer is inaccurate is being polite. It’s downright awful :frowning: That medical Mk VII is clearly one of the convention kits built up. The rest of the props look pretty good, some may even be authentic.


Wow, is that the decades old solid resin one? That kit was the holy grail to me when I was a kid - never saw one out of the box but for some reason just knew it was going to be everything the playmates wasn’t.

Then eBay finally came along and I realised how rough they were…


The Cobrahead looks ok…but man, that Mk VII.


Most of these are survivors from the Las Vegas exhibit including the tricorder, as well as a few screen used pieces; the PADDs for sure. The lights in the Vegas display faded the graphics pretty bad on many of the pieces.


Don’t be so certain those PADDs are real. Cris just recently told the story of making that Klingon iso chip for the experience. It’s a replica. And a lot of those PADDs are his too.



Many of those are Replicas. The PADDs and Klingon iso chip specifically in these photos are props that chris Avila made.