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I figured it was time to start a thread on this since I received today the keyboard I believe was used to make the outer shell of this prop: a Tandy 1200 HD. I spent hours and hours, looked at literally every vintage keyboard for sale on eBay, and did tons of Google Image searching, so I’m fairly confident of this match, but I would welcome any feedback.

Given that I’ll probably cast the shell, I didn’t mind that it was so dirty, so I got a decent deal on it via eBay.


Looks fun. What do you expect to use to make all those colorful keys?


This is really way cool. That’s one of those props I’ve so easily overlooked through my probably 15+ times I’ve watched the whales. It’s realiy cool, and I especially like that it’s really a keyboard. I kinda want one on my desk. Will be so cool with a rechargable backlight in there.


I was thinking of designing it in Illustrator and getting a Duratrans printed, like what @tosgraphics uses. The original was backlit by the desk beneath it, so I may use those LED backlight panels you use, Scott, in your desktop viewers as the light source. I think it’ll be that, plus a little bit of vinyl on the vinyl cutter and maybe some bumpons for the buttons? Or they may have been real switches; it’s hard to tell.


…all power from reserve banks, Leningrad has lost all electrical power…

LOVE that scene and that guys voice…


Haha. Yup. Same here! I love that the scene has Chapel and Rand as well.


Cool project!
Just a static prop or will you try to incorporate any input functionality to it?


Well, if he does opt for some functionality, I’d suggest he goes to David for any help with that.

The interactive buttons/features he builds into his Mk X’s are really kewl, so he’d know how to do it :wink:


David’s post above actually gave me the idea that I’d like to install real buttons and have them play the sounds of that comm officer “Tokyo has total cloud coverage…”, etc. :wink:


Incidentally, I found a different keyboard that has a matching chassis.


I noticed last night that the buttons are back-lit sometimes and are depressable. So much for my bumpon theory. I’ll need to scour the Mouser catalog to see if I can come up with anything close.


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Look what I just found in TNG “Peak Performance”!


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