Starfleet Command single-layer acrylic PADDs


Ooh, check out those circuit type PADDs! Similar to early TNG stuff. Forgot about these Starfleet Command scenes and have yet to review for reused items…

Starfleet Command keyboard from STIV

Indeed! I believe that @racprops either made or owned some of those PADDs. He has an excellent straight-on photo of the one in the above capture at his Facebook account:


Whoa, that is very close to the Orange Picard style PADDs!


Check out the pattern on the lucite blocks from TNG episode "Evolution"

I think these blocks usually live in Data’s Quarters.

I can’t believe I caught that.


Holy cow, I can’t believe you caught that either. A keen eye!


This is why it’s awesome to have you here, Nick. :smile:

It’s interesting that it’s very similar but not identical. Remember STIV was Okuda’s first work on Trek, so perhaps he was involved in making the designs for both.


Wow, great eye!!

I went back and looked over that prop inventory posted on TPZ - in the ST4 inventory there is a mention of “3 Lucite Graphics Blocks (from Federation Council Sequences)”. That the trace pattern matches the grey layer on the PADD (though inverted) along with the inventory says to me that we’ve got yet another example of movie to TNG reuse.

Oh and check out that pepper grinder on the desk too, lol:


I had that salt/pepper mill back in the day!


I just found a third red version of the lucite block in Wesley pile of stuff from the same episode-

Looks like it being used as a PADD stand. :slight_smile:

Also if you flip the PADD graphics they match up perfectly.


Here they are in Data’s quarters from episode “Datalore”


Awesome. I don’t know Season 1 as well because I tend not to watch it as often. But I am gearing up for an episode-by-episode rewatch of TNG as soon as I finish the same on VOY (where I am halfway through season 7), taking prop notes as I go.

And look at those solder suckers and box cutters!


Pretty cool lineup of tools, huh!?

And from “Measure of a Man”

and “Up the Long Ladder”

and “the Offspring”



Ooh, look at that line-up! Could you please post a full resolution version of this screencap when you get a chance? It seems as though the board shrunk it.


Sorry about that. When quoting a prior post, the software only re-posts the smaller version. I went in and editing my post above. Nick’s original post was always the HD version.


Doh, I missed that it was originally part of Nick’s post!


That same pattern is used on some of the other Padds in the shot too. Might actually might be all of them.


Found another appearance of the clear blocks-


Found that same pattern on a PADD on Picard’s desk.

and this Padd as well-


Found the Pepper Grinder being used here:

DS9 5x03 Looking for Par’Mach in All the Wrong Places