Steam Trek - Another Mirror Universe... ;) (a prop collection)


I love your work soooooo much!


Let’s stay with jewelry for a little more…

Steam Trek IDIC pendant

Another marvelous Swarovski crystal pendant lend itself prefectly as basis for the iconic IDIC.
Especially the crystal with Aurora Borealis coating shows a splendid sparkle in the light.

On the pyramid I added the vulcan Calligraphy “Kol-ut shan” meaning “Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combination”.


I’m sorry, I just realized. Did you mean I started the Steam Trek mirror universe generally (which I first presumed in my previous answer) or was it referring specifically that I already started on the Steam Trek mirror for Discovery?


Pretty cool stuff and thanks for sharing.


Steam Trek TNG Carry Case

The forums thread about the original series cases (Found Carry Cases from the TOS movie era and beyond) was an invaluable to get the right feeling for creating this piece.

A quick project for the Destination Star Trek to have a fitting bag, in which I could safely carry the autograph pictures and some additional stuff like something to drink.
It took three afternoons and materials cost was about 15€.

Due to the limited time frame, the case still needs several additional coats of glossy finish and some minor fine tuning like exchanging the strap fasteners with brass ones.

The case in action:


Really cool


Yes, you explained it. I seen something via Facebook but nothing like you are doing.


Steam Trek TNG Operations Hat

Based on a Confederates Artillery hat simply an engineering badge was added and the CSA on the brass buttons sanded off and replaced with a white metal Starfleet logo.

This piece will be replaced in the future (as will be the whole uniform with a 2.0 version in a better suiting mustard color) which will than have the Steam Trek TNG (com)badge logo as a stitching on top and the correct golden embroidery for a Lt. Commander.


I thought the hat had a Civil War look to it Very nice.


Yes, it is mostly related to the civil war, though this style of hat was in much longer use and throughout several countries.


Steam Trek TNG Starfleet “Starfield” Fascinator

Before moving to the next series, here the headpiece for the female TNG Science Officer.

Blue, white and violett LEDs togetger with some Swarovski bicones covered with Organza.
Again the TOS science badge will be replaced with the proper Steam Trek TNG badge at a later date.


Steam Trek Discovery badges

Though Steam Trek TOS was the next we have done, I skip the pieces to show you the actual Steam Trek Discovery we are currently working on for next weekends FedCon first.

on the actual (Steam Trek) uniform fabric (command)

When I saw the original badge with the stepped two part Starfleet logo and the engraved and burnished department logos as well as the black backed versions of the Discovery, I got the idea of mirroring that, taking a dark piece for the right half with the polished metal underneath for the department logo.

I chose a black stabilized poplar burlwood piece, due to its marvelous texture and color (also similar to the body of the communicator), especially after polishing it with liquid bees wax.
The brass was cut as an inlay for the wood. Since I needed a silver color for the medic badge, but had nothing appropriate in stock I simply cast the brass piece in white metal.

For the rank pips I used Swarovski flatbacks in crystal golden sunshine, black diamond (silver looking) anthrazit, so we have a medical Commander and a Lt. Commander from command department.


I really like what you did with the badges!


Steam Trek Discovery Uniforms

it was a lot of work (and very little sleep), but we managed to get them done for the FedCon.

So I’m proud to show you our latest addition to our Steam Trek universe (better picture will follow soon).

As mentioned in the threads introduction I will exclusively show you a bit more from behind the scenes, beginning with the basis for our design.
Since our Steam Trek Timeline places Discovery around 1818, I chose these two historic patterns. Especially the male version with the frock coat was close but still different enough to the slightly later 1830s tailcoat we made for Steam Trek TOS.
Both artworks are from the “costume parisien” series a contemporary fashion illustration collection from the early 19th century.

After studying the first pictures available to me from the original Discovery uniforms, I (crudely) altered the images to the liking of the design I had in mind.

The stripes are not drawn as long as they are now, since at that time, I haven’t seen, that the originals followed the stripes down into the boots.

Also along the way, Ms. Aetherton wished to do the doctors white uniform version, so we changed the color for the female design to white/silver, which was in retrospect a great decision, considering how wonderful the uniform turned out.

Here a comparison of details, between the CBS and the Steam Trek version (some of the original pictures were taken by Doyle Zhang):


Shoulder pads
This is where I took the steampunk spin a little further translating the leather pads into contemporary epaulettes, tracing the originals line with the cords. Of course with correct numbers of straps (gold 4, silver 5).

Recreated the assymetric shape. However for the female uniform we deliberatly mirrored the direction of the tip, since female jackets have their button line to the left.

A close up of the Starfleet Deltas on the Medic uniform (the part every cosplayer hates CBS for… ;).
Probably the most asked about detail by fans. With the for them disappointing answer, that they are selfmade and the fabric is not readily available…

Last but not least our top hats.
I took inspiration from the straps of the boots with their Starfleet Logo fasteners and made a brass and white metal one as fasteners for the hatband.

The Medical Pad you can see in the very first picture is still a work in progress and will be presented at a later time.

All in all, the project turned out very satisfying and I think the Steam Trek Discovery uniforms are currently my favourite Steam Trek incarnation so far.
And just as a side note:
We basically got something of a knightly accolade since both Jason Isaacs and Jonathan Frakes insisted on taking a picture from us in these uniforms. That really made my day. :wink:


Absolutely brilliant! The epaulet and cord replacing the leather and metallic bands is inspired (and is so perfect it makes me wonder if shoulder cords inspired that particular detail on the TV uniforms in the first place).


You guys are wild! Very cool! I was thinking about Times Arrow as I looked at these. You need the snake cane!


Just received three pictures of better quality from us during FedCon taken by photographer Andreas Kinder, who tirelessly took pictures of hundreds of Cosplayer infront of his black canvas during the whole event, which I don’t want to keep from you. :wink:

Steam Trek Discovery


Those are great pictures and superb uniforms. Costumes doesn’t seem like the right word.


Really Really Great!