STIV Chekov/Bones Artery repair medical device


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Looks like this props appears slightly redressed in “Encounter at Farpoint” (58:53)?

I did look around for quite a while on eBay trying to see if I could find the headbnd flashlight that might have been used but haven’t yet been successful.

Anybody know the particular Klingon ship model kit that was used?


Classic TV version.

And from that picture I can see NO changes.



The only difference I saw was a little grey rectangle between the two black vertical parallel bars on the upper portion of the model part, but then again we don’t see that side in STIV, so perhaps it was there too. :slight_smile:


OH I see what your talking about and your right that is new.



I have had the headband on my watch list for years on eBay. No luck!


Fascinating. Maybe I can find it via another means. Do you know the make or model?


I sure dont…someone told me what it was and have had a generic search for one ever since.


lol. That’s a lot of headbands to look at all the time. :wink: Let me know if you ever find it and I’ll scratch build us one of these. :smile:

I used to have one that I got when I was quite young from the Universal Armorer, actually, at the Farpoint convention in Baltimore. It wasn’t bad, but the hinge broke pretty quickly and I didn’t have the knowledge at the time to fix it, so I think I ended up throwing it out (or losing it).


The Klingon model part is from the TMP version, not TOS. Here is the instruction sheet from the TOS kit showing the parts breakdown.

And the TMP part.

The TMP model has a round recessed detail where the blue light on top of the medical devise is mounted.


Actually, this is the model kit the center piece of the prop comes from. The instructions show the part (part number 11) on the right.


I had this built by a professional prop builder. He used original parts including the vintage Klingon model kit part and the battery boxes. The prop hinges just like the original and the top piece also hinges like the original. The lights are a bit bright but it looks spot on to the original prop. This is my absolute favorite prop from the movies.


Whoa. That is mind-blowingly fantastic, @ponyboy88!! I have always adored this prop and would love to try a scratch build one day.

Did the prop maker re-create the graphics himself (or herself) from screen caps?

I’d love to see a front-on view or a view of the back, if you wouldn’t mind. I’m curious about how to make that support area beneath the cruiser part.

Any idea what the found parts were, such as the battery boxes?


Now that very cool!



Very cool prop there.


Thank you! I love this prop too and have always wanted one. Yes the prop maker made the graphics on his computer from screen grabs. I think they turned out really nice.

We discovered the other battery box side is a mirror image of the one you can see in the scene. You get a very brief look of it when McCoy takes it off Chekov’s head just before it goes off screen. We also noticed the pivoting Klingon part because in the far shot, the Klingon part is flat and then in the following closeup, it is at an angle.

Here’s the pics you requested. It’s my pleasure to share them. I’m just glad to find other people that are as crazy about these props as I am! Haha!

Here you can see the wiring that goes up to the Klingon part.

I think the support section may have been 3D printed? The top hinge and part of the side ones appear to be plastic.

The back uses the actual piece from the model kit that’s supposed to go there. I’m quite certain that’s how the original looked as well. If you watch the Blu-ray, when Catherine Hicks hands Deforest the prop, it’s upside down and you can see the back and it’s this piece that’s on there.

Nice view of the bottom where you can see all the hinge workings and the power switch for the lights.

I like that he added the curved head pieces just like the original and the soft black felt. It actually fits quite comfortably on the forehead! I tried to use it to get rid of a headache but I had no luck! Haha!

As for the parts, I found the model kit on Ebay. They are still readily available and I only paid $8 for it. Maybe someone can mold some of these as the kits start to become harder to find? I’m not sure where the maker of this beautiful prop got the battery boxes but they must not be that difficult to find either. I think they’re still being made. The only part that really has to be fabricated is the hinges and the support area.


That is a beautiful replica!

I wonder what the hinges were made from on the original? The closeup of Chekhov shows a yellow or brown tint to the hinge where it was not fully painted.

Edit: Missed that RAC mentioned "the rest was a head band flashlight "


WoW @ponyboy88 ! You have some really fun obscure props!


Thank you @kertratz! I like the more obscure props. Even if they’re only on screen for a short time. @EWilliams, I’ve always noticed that spot on the original prop that’s unpainted as well. Whatever the head piece flashlight they used, it would have had 3 hinges on it. I once found a girls hairbrush that had a similar looking piece. It had the brush on one side and a mirror on another. Hinges on opposite sides. I made a rough replica using that part. If I had the proper tools it could have been modified to look decent.


Wesley appears to be levitating a modified version of this in TNG “The Naked Now”, with this prop stuck inside the flip-down arms.


While we’re at it, here are some better photos from STIV

STIII and STIV Medical Scanner Study

It may very well had been modified for TNG. I never saw it come up for sale at auction. How unfortunate that it wasn’t kept looking the way it did in Voyage Home. I don’t know why I love this prop so much but I do. It looks so cool!! I love the medical props because they look like they would actually work.