STIV Chekov/Bones Artery repair medical device


I found a headband light that has hinged battery boxes, but it’s not the same thing. Same brand?


Wow. Great find, @Lt.Washburn, as always. It certainly bears some similar hallmarks to whatever was used for the device, and is certainly better than anything I’ve been able to find on eBay so far.


Wow! That’s the closest thing I’ve seen to whatever was used on the original. It’s very interesting!


Does anyone know the original builder? maybe Greg Jein?


I think Jein may only have started working on Trek as of STV. Coyle was around in the periphery on STIV, but he has said he didn’t work on this particular prop.


I was on the set (at Inglewood Hospitable) Ron Greenwood claimed HE made it.

Note the center section is a part of a Klingon Classic Battle Cruiser he did say it was a head band head light.

Also I was very well in the middle of this film…

Humble Rich


The awesome plexi welder Rich made also shows up on the bridge in STV right before the Harve Bennett as admiral call.


Is Ron still in the business? Maybe someone could let him know about this discussion and he could chime in with some information.